#117 Jamie "Kallycia" Villanueva


Quarter Crossed: Fall 2015
Big: #106 Tien "Kyralia" Vu
Little: #144 Vianca "Kehlana" Mandalica
Major: Business
Hometown: San Diego, CA


"Hello! You’ve been graced with the privilege of reading my awesome blurb of a biography. I’m kidding. I am a completely average girl, but, I can be pretty cool sometimes. I really like cats, and one of my hobbies is watching hilarious cat videos, which everyone should obviously do. I also really like to eat and travel to places I haven’t been to before, and I find road trips to be my personal favorite way to travel! Except I have no money, so traveling from my dorm to Ode will suffice. And beware when you’re near me, my laugh is contagious. :))"