#118 Kristine "AsteReia" La

C6C80318-C17C-4EBC-A8A2-24E3DCC4DB3A - Kristine La.JPG

Quarter Crossed: Fall 2015
Big: #106 Chloe "Ckyresia" Choe
Littles: #143 Daloun "Valoreia" Inthithraith &
#156 Sheeny “ellareia” Ng
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Seattle, Wa


"Greetings! I'm a first generation college student, born and raised in Seattle, Washington but I can't say I know my city inside and out. I'm always down for adventures with the company of family and friends. In the future, I strive to serve my community in the health care field as a nurse practitioner. I look forward to enjoying the little things that life brings to me everyday! 

P.S. Ask me about my rapping/beat boxing career.                    

P.P.S. Dogs are my spirit animal."