#131 Angela "rylani" Truong


Quarter Crossed: Fall 2016
Big: #115 Lily "illayic" trang
Little: #149 Pooja "senileenair" Devanaboyina
Major: Nutritional Science
Hometown: des moines, WA


Hello hello! I was born in Burien and raised in Des Moines (but most of the time I just tell people Seattle). I love to cook, bake, and binge watch crime shows on Netflix. If I'm not doing those 3 things, I'm probably volunteering either as a teacher or dance instructor at Van Lang Vietnamese Cultural School *insert Hannah Montana's "The Best of Both Worlds" here*. Currently thinking about double majoring in International Studies and Public Health with a minor in Nutrition. I'm always down for a Disney (Mulan!) or Disney Channel original movie (HSM and Camp Rock) marathon!