#137 Samantha "alèzina" Chang


Quarter Crossed: spring 2017
Big: #125 Yoon Jung "ayzèl" Kim
Little: #164 Annie "ciètoile" Pham
Major: Business
Hometown: Eagle river, alaska


 Hello! A little something about me that I like to tell everyone is that I'm Hmong. No not Chinese, or Korean, or Japanese, but Hmong. I would go into a lengthy telling of my people's history but I won't since it's a long story. You can look it up though if you're really interested! Anyways, I'm a Pisces. I was raised in Southern Alaska and came down to Washington to pursue my secondary education. I like to read and watch tv shows. I'm a huge nerd so I'm super into anime, manga, video games, and dramas. But on the flip side, I take school very seriously and want to do good in life. You know, raking in the money :D Someday I would like to travel the world in pursuit of cultural awareness and positivity!