#140 Arabella Princess "malYlangmi" Nidoy


Quarter Crossed: Fall 2015
Big: #122 Meileyani "zamiRa" Obi Winn
Little: #150 Ivy "marCelani" Lam
Major: accounting & Information systems
Hometown: bremerton, wa



Hello hello! My full first name is Arabella Princess but you can just call me "Ara." I came to the UW wishing I had more friends to talk to and relate to, and once I rushed Sigmas I knew that's what I was going to get. I'm grateful for every experience I've had so far and I'm happy to be here! If you wanna know more about me just know that I love fried chicken and if you're lucky I'll sing to you. (I'm okay) (also extra) Hit me up if you like to stroll!! Let's collab!!