#147 Jennifer "Aradélle" Nguyen


Quarter Crossed: Fall 2017
Big: #101 Lovely “aLíllium” Sibal
Little: //
Major: Biology - Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental
Hometown: vancouver, wa


Hi hi! I was born and raised in Vancouver all my life so moving to the city of Seattle for college got me feeling both excited and nervous! Fun fact: the first time my friends and I rode the bus here, we kept missing our stop to get to McDonald’s because we couldn’t figure out how to tell the bus driver to stop. I love dogs, food, memes, and kdramas. I play the flute and piccolo, picked up tenor sax in middle school, and self learning piano and guitar right now! If you ever need to find me, I’ll probably be at Ode or taking a nap!