#150 Ivy "marCelani" Lam

50326216_237681127112714_2464293166036025344_n - Ivy Lam.jpg

Quarter Crossed: spring 2018
Big:#140 Arabella Princess "malYlangmi' Nidoy
Little: //
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: kent, wa


Hello, hello! I’m Ivy and I tell funny jokes. I like to eat and sleep but I’m always down for an adventure. Ice cream is my favorite but I’d be down to eat anything. I have a secret talent of never sneezing only once. I also have a passion in judo, currently working my way to receiving my black belt. I strive to be open minded and surround myself with good people/good vibes to find self growth and happiness so I can create memories to laugh about. I also love looking at night skylines and watching Disney movies!