#154 Shearn “laGhana” Santiago

IMG_6205 - Shearn Santiago.JPG

Quarter Crossed: Fall 2018
Big: #132 alison “margiela” tay
Little: //
Major: early childhood & family studies
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii


I enjoy spending time with my family, we may be small but we do have a lot of love and support for each other no matter what we do. I knew growing up that I've always wanted to help people. When I got to high school I realized how much I wanted to work with kids. I was able to get many opportunities in and out of high school to work in classrooms environment with different age range of children and I fell in love with. Fun fact: I realized how much patience I have for children! I enjoy hanging out with friends, if I'm not getting my coffee fix, then I would definitely be getting my boba fix :D. I also enjoy netflix and relaxing and hiking and working out and doing zumba! In addition, I love good vibes, having fun, and making people laugh.