Sigma of the Quarter (Spring '16)

Congratulations Lovely "aLLilium" Sibal!

The active house of Sigma Psi Zeta has nominated Lovely Sibal as the Sigma of the Quarter. 

Here are a few nominations for Lovely:

"She always steps up when the house or anyone needs help and I think she should  be  recognized. She also did a great job planning and hosting founder's week, as well as plan convention. Lovely is always on top of her sigma game lol is that a thing AND she also took on Tien's job as secretary!!"

"She did a good job as council rep with the founders week events and planning convention and made sure everything went smoothly. Plus she gives me food."

"Loveley did a great job organizing the annual report, and really stepped up to the plate when the house really needed her to. Props to her


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