Sigma of the Quarter (Fall '17)


Samantha "alèzina" Chang!

Annnd the Sigma of the Quarter for Fall ‘17 is Samantha “alèzina” Chang! She was ASUW Representative, Fundraising Chair, and last of all Webmaster. Just crossed last Winter ‘17, Samantha has taken on large roles in the house and has been a supportive sister that many can look up to! We are proud to have her as Sigma of the Quarter, here are few kind words sisters shared about Samantha:

“Sam has done so much in a small amount of time and deserves the recognition!”

“She did such an amazing job as fundraising chair, and she’s been such a great source of support for all the sisters in the house. Also, those Santa Christmas grams were genius.

“As a neo, she has done so many things for Sigmas already. This quarter she held THREE positions, and one of them being the hardest chair, in my opinion - fundraising. She hosted more fundraising events expected from her chair position, while managing the other 2 positions. She is definitely the type of person who does exceptionally well in what she loves.”

“She accomplished so many great things for sigma as a neo. Good job Samantha. We appreciate you 😘”

Congrats Samantha! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Sigmas! 

UW SYZ Webmaster