Sigma of the Quarter (Winter '17)

Charlene "kiaGna" Ramel!

The active house has nominated Charlene Ramel as Sigma of the Quarter, Winter 17'. 
Here are some kind words sisters shared about Charlene: 

-"Charlene is such a great sport and handles everything in a calm and and collected manner. She works so hard and does so much, I know because I always see her working! She always gives 110%!"

-"For being strong and supportive of sisters!" 

-"Because she's amazing and we love her." 

-"She did a great job no matter what position she holds, and is continuously on top of her treasurer duties."

-"She's been a wonderful sister!"

Congrats Charlene! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Sigmas! 

UW SYZ Webmaster