Sigma of the Quarter (Winter '18)


Drum roll please!! Winter 2018, Sigma of the Quarter goes to Angela “rylani” Truong! Angela crossed Fall ‘16 and has played an active role in the house. She is a sister that is dependable and supportive to the house as well as the UGC community. Angela has taken large strides within UGC and Sigmas to create closer relations.  We are proud to have a sister like Angela that paves the way for the house, her work ethic is admirable and we all strive to be as dedicated as her. Here are a few kind words from the house about Angela:

“Angela deserves to be recognized for all things she has done for Sigmas. Even though, she’s busy with her schedule she is always present to Sigma events and always go above and beyond. I appreciate you AT”

“She works so hard at VSA and Sigmas!”

“AT has contributed a lot to sigmas ever since she crossed and she deserve to be recognized”

“She's done such an amazing job with UGC this quarter and has helped to bring a lot of new ideas and actions to the plate in getting all of the orgs to be more connected and in good relations.”

Congrats Angela for being Sigma of the Quarter! We appreciate everything you have done for us!


UW SYZ Webmaster