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Sigma of the Quarter (Fall '16)

Carmen "solarYdis" La

The active house has nominated Carmen La as the Sigma of the Quarter. 
Here are some kind words sisters shared about Carmen: 

"Carmen went above and beyond with all the fundraising opportunities that she presented/hosted this quarter. She did/is doing such a great job as fundraising chair and I'd like her to know that all that she does are appreciated and recognized. :)"

"She has been super on top of her fundraising game and is always having events. I admire her worth ethic and she's really hardworking!"

"Carmen is a great sister; she would walk through the blizzarding rain and wind just to give you a cup of coffee. Shout out to her amazing positivity!!"

"Carmen has been doing a great job as our fundraising chair! I feel like she has offered/given the house a lot of things from all her fundraising ideas!"

Sigma of the Quarter (Winter '15)

Congratulations Anna "KULIELA" Tran!

The active house of Sigma Psi Zeta has nominated Anna Tran as the Sigma of the Quarter. 

Here are a few nominations for Anna:

"Anna is someone that has your back and will always be there to lend a helping hand. As her last quarter as an undergrad has come to an end, I'm so glad she stepped up one last time and served as PE. She did a great job with our newest class!"

"I would like to nominate Anna Tran as Sister of the Quarter because during our rush process, she always made sure everyone got home safe and went out of her way to give me rides home whenever it was possible. She always checked in with my line sisters and I constantly making sure we were okay and felt at ease. As PE, her role was very big and she did a fantastic job at it. When I was going through a really rough time, she was able to meet up with me, treat me out to tea, tell me her personal obstacles she overcame, and listened to everything I said and gave me advice and that was one of the really big reasons I decided to stay for real."

"I would nominate Anna for sister of the quarter because she took on the job of being PE and she worked hard and devoted a lot of her time to help us intakes and she was super supportive throughout the whole process. (:”