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Sigma of the Quarter (Fall '16)

Carmen "solarYdis" La

The active house has nominated Carmen La as the Sigma of the Quarter. 
Here are some kind words sisters shared about Carmen: 

"Carmen went above and beyond with all the fundraising opportunities that she presented/hosted this quarter. She did/is doing such a great job as fundraising chair and I'd like her to know that all that she does are appreciated and recognized. :)"

"She has been super on top of her fundraising game and is always having events. I admire her worth ethic and she's really hardworking!"

"Carmen is a great sister; she would walk through the blizzarding rain and wind just to give you a cup of coffee. Shout out to her amazing positivity!!"

"Carmen has been doing a great job as our fundraising chair! I feel like she has offered/given the house a lot of things from all her fundraising ideas!"

Sigma Psi Zeta Website Launch

Sigmas on the Web

Hooray! The Rho Chapter, Sigma Psi Zeta website has officially launched. Powered by SquareSpace, our chapter's new website allows for much more interaction and connection between sisters and visitors. We hope that you are able to learn more about Sigmas as an organization as well as the different personalities within our house. Don't be shy! Explore the wonders of our website~

-Yun Dao
Webmaster 2016

Step Out 2016
Duoc Su Lion Dancers

Duoc Su Lion Dancers

Step Out Update

Through the rhythmic dance of Step and Stroll, Sigmas opened the 9th annual Step Out show loud and proud. The powerful stomp of each sister's footstep echoed throughout Kane Hall as audience members "Oohed" and "Ahhed". The team swiftly transitioned from step to stroll and danced it out with Unk's "Walk It Out". Sigmas strutted their stuff and finished out the performance with high levels of #sigmaswag. 

Hot Dog USA Jump Rope Team

Hot Dog USA Jump Rope Team

MCs, Kevin Wong and Quezan Wong continued on the night with lion dancers from Duoc Su Lion Dance, graceful dancers from Nataya, hip-hoppin' dancers from Tsum Tsum boys, and double the trouble from Double Vision. Guest speakers from New Beginnings and Seattle Against Slavery also came to speak about domestic violence and the resources available for those facing it. Hot Dog USA Jump Rope Team wrapped up the night with their amazing flips and tricks, featuring our very own Sigma sister, Lily Trang!

Thanks to the hard work of the performers AND Step Out co-chairs, Jackie Ma and Charlene Ramel, Step Out raised over $1,200. All of which will be donated towards charity. Join us next year for the 10th annual Step Out.